Cari Wise
2/4 Emotional Projector, DVM, MAEd
Certified Quantum Human Design™️ Specialist

Certified Life Coach

Psychic Medium

Founder, Aligned Human Design

Lover of Cats, Coffee, Computers, Humans & those supporting us in the Spirit World!

This is me! 

Spring in Missouri with Farmer Ken

My coworker, Peaches, is very helpful

About Cari &
Aligned Human Design

The more people I can help, the more impact we all have... and the world needs us now more than ever before.

I know first hand that there are two things that hold people back... Fear and Confusion. 

Making a change and speaking your truth can be really hard, even when you know it's what you're called to do. 

Trying to do it alone... even harder. 

I've been in your shoes. I walked away from the security of my career in veterinary medicine years ago, before I felt ready, to pursue something totally different.

Since then, my mission has been to create true relationship with each human and organization I support.

I began by serving the veterinary community with life coaching and wellness education, something I continue to do through where I've helped over 20,000 veterinary professionals since 2017. 

From there my heart, vision, and gifts have continued to grow. I used to fight it, this calling to support others with heart-centered missions similar to mine and the persistence from a trusted medium friend that I had the gift...  Now I understand the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves is to embrace the true essence of our souls, even when it's scary to be different!

My friend, Robin, gently reminded me that my Human Design includes an open G center...  my multi-passionate nature is a reflection of that. Add in my conscious sun in the gate 30 (Passion in QHD™️), unconscious sun in 14 (Creation in QHD™️), conscious earth in 29 (Devotion QHD™️), unconscious earth in 8 (Fulfillment in QHD™️), conscious moon in 9 (Convergence in QHD™️), and unconscious moon in 18 (Re-Alignment QHD™️)... see how we got here?! LOL

Bottom Line:Your life journey matters to me because together we change the world. It's time to step into the version of you that's been nudging you to embrace. There's no time to spare.  

We have work to do, my friend.

Let's do it together.

Send me a note and let's explore how Aligned Human Design can best support you!

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