Personalized Sessions with Cari Wise

You are safe here.

Hi Friend,
I know what it's like to have big ideas and dreams you're afraid to share with the people closest to you. Fear of rejection is real, and sometimes our loved ones just don't get what we're trying to do. It's okay. They don't need to understand or agree before you can pursue what's on your heart. I've been where you are. I've got your back. Let's talk. 

XO, Cari



All sessions include access to the replay video, an enhanced version of your personal chart, a copy of your Human Design mandala, and personalized recommendations and resources.  


50 minutes


This 50-minute session is ideal for someone brand new to Human Design, or for those who have never had a professional reading. In this session we will explore your specific Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile. If you have any specific curiosities about your Human Design, please include that on your intake form!


90 minutes


These sessions are for those who have already had an Intro-Level reading or are familiar with their Human Design and are ready to go deeper into exploration of the Incarnation Cross, Life Purpose and Circuitry. Sessions are always custom-tailored to your personal interests, so be sure to include any specific areas of interest on your intake form!


90 minutes


During these sessions we will explore the areas of your life and/or career where you are feeling dissatisfied or stuck. We will utilize your personal Human Design chart to gain a broader understanding of your experience, and to identify the opportunities for you to realign with your personal truth so you can begin moving forward in an empowered and intentional way. If you're a current or potential business owner looking for feedback or guidance, or a professional contemplating a career change, this session is for you!

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