HUMAN DESIGN PROFESSIONALS:  Embed a Human Design Chart generator into your personal website !

How We Support Entrepreneurs

We can help you with all of the items below, and more. CLICK HERE to schedule a Free Consultation and we'll provide you with a customized quote! 

WEBSite design & maintenance

Whether your current website needs adjustment, you want to move to a new platform, or you're looking to create something new from the ground up, we can help. We have both Done With You and Done For You options, as well as ongoing maintenance plans to monitor your website and keep it up to date so you can focus on what you do best.  WHAT WE LOVE: a privately hosted website (we love for purchasing URLs & Hosting) on a Wordpress base to build out a full website using Thrive Themes.


Staying connected with your clients and potential customers requires email... and a free personal account just won't cut it. A well utilized Email Service Provider will save you time and help you stay organized. WHAT WE LOVE: Active Campaign. We can help you set it up right, and create automations that make delivering your weekly newsletter and resources a breeze! 


We aren't attorneys, which is why we rely on Bobby Klinck for all the legal stuff associated with running an online business. Bobby's a pretty cool dude, with a real heart for service-driven entrepreneurs. He's got you covered from coaching and contractor agreements, to all the things you need to make your website legally compliant. He'll even give you a Privacy Policy to use for Free! Not sure how to get all that stuff where it needs to go? No worries, we can get it set up on your website for you!


Here's how it works... you create something your ideal clients will value and you give it away for free using a website opt-in page where they provide their email address in exchange for your resource. You then deliver the resource to them via email automation, which is triggered by the tagging you put in place. They then enter a new automation: a nurture email sequence so they can learn about you and what your business is all about. If it's a good match, they'll stick around. If not, they'll unsubscribe (not a bad thing). Done the right way, you'll provide amazing value and grow your a list of potential customers.  Overwhelmed? Don't be! We have Done With You and Done For You options to get your First Funnel created and active!


Whether you're setting up your first Live Webinar, or are ready to setup a webinar on Evergreen, we can help you set it up the right way so you're growing your email list through registrations, reminding people of your event in a timely manner, and following up afterwards with powerful email sequences. WHAT WE LOVE: Easywebinar for both live and evergreen webinars. We like Zoom too, but for evergreen, Easywebinar is the bomb! 


When you're first starting out, you don't need all of these. But as you grow, you just might find they come in handy...

STRIPE: payment processing

ACUITY: session scheduling & invoice/payment

SLACK: communicating with your team and clients

CAMTASIA: Video & Audio editing

SEARCHIE: Video storage, auto-transcripts, so much more!

EASYWEBINAR: The best for evergreen webinars, in my opinion!