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Whose Life Are You Living?
Don't ignore the dreams that keep tugging at your heart...

Hello, Friend.

I see you there. You're wondering if this life is all there is. You're feeling restless. You might even be beating yourself up for not just being grateful for what you've got. You're not perfectly clear on what you want, but you're curious and hopeful (and probably a little scared too, if you're being honest). 

The idea of leaving behind an old existence, the old job, the old relationship or the old you is exciting but terrifying at the same time. "What will people say? Will they think I'm crazy?" Despite these fears, you just know your heart is calling you in a new direction. You've heard that inner voice before...

So here's the real question... 

This time, will you return again to the comfort and security of the known, missing out once again on your opportunity to cultivate deep joy? Or, will you break free and courageously leap forward in pursuit of your dream, following your heart, honoring your calling to explore life in a new way?

You're Not Crazy!

You're right on track.

No matter how many jobs you've had, how many challenging experiences you've encountered, or how much you doubt yourself... this moment, like all the ones before, is intentional. 

You are intentional.

It's not an accident that you're here exploring something new. No matter what path brought you here today, one thing is certain: You have an opportunity to learn about yourself in a whole new way.

So, What's Next?

Step 1

Download Your personal human design chart

This magical life blueprint is specific to YOU, not dependent on subjective information, and holds the answers you're seeking. 

Step 2

Review the deciphering your human design e-book

Your Human Design chart contains lots of layers of information, this guide will familiarize you with the components and provide insight.

Step 3


Let's talk about You! We'll explore deeper layers of your Chart so you can see just how un-crazy you are, and why your dream matters.

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